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Reliable testing and R&D services backed by years of expertise.  

If you are developing a product/process or have testing needs in the cannabis, cosmetic, medical device, pharmaceutical supplement or nutraceutical industries, we can help.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

The PuraLab Team has 8 decades of cumulative experience in research, product development, and analytical testing in the pharmaceutical and supplements, medical device, topical cosmetic, and clinical supply fields.  

We hold dozens of patents and publications and hundreds of trade secrets and we offer the highest dedication to quality assurance and timely delivery of reliable results.  

We streamline R&D by leveraging in-house analytical services that exceed the capability of external laboratories.

 We exceed data integrity expectations by building systems capable of surpassing international laboratory standards.  

Our Quality System Specialists have designed and implemented immense operating solutions for Fortune 500 companies and unique proprietary systems for start-ups governed under the most complex regulations. 

PuraLab is currently offering a wide array of R&D Services.  ORELAP certifications and OLCC license are Coming Soon. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Services: Project


We have a proven team of scientists and engineers with decades of industry experience.  We have developed proprietary manufacturing processes on multimillion dollar production lines for Fortune 500 companies and have also helped individual entrepreneurs define and refine their fledgling inventions.  We offer formulation, mechanical engineering, design, organic chemistry, product development, and manufacturing process automation consulting services.



For companies and researchers developing new processes and products, we offer an entire portfolio of standard lab testing services.  We also offer analysis of more uncommonly tested heavy metals and natural aromatics including terpenes, esters, flavinoids, and alkaloids.  We specialize in testing active agents in complex natural and synthetic materials and delivering the highest level of reliability for our partners. If you have a need for lab testing, "we can do it or we can develop it". Contact us today about your project or routine testing needs.

Scientist in the Lab


We know it is frustrating for Cannabis Producers and Processors when you can't trust lab results or when the same product gets different results from different labs. We address this by going beyond the required ORELAP standards and adhering to international laboratory standards.  We then demonstrate this traceability of all results to you with full transparency through our proprietary LabCraft Technology.  Our standards exceed what other labs are capable of on every test and service we offer.  We specialize in the full array of required cannabis testing: Sampling, Water Activity, Moisture, Residual Solvents, Potency, Pesticides, and Microbiology.  Additional Profiling Packages are also available. 

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